Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out if my abstract was accepted or denied?

Abstract decision will be sent out the first week of June 2017 via email to the first author only.

What benefits are offered to session presenters?

Seminars, workshops, roundtables and posters are offered the following for one presenter:

What is the difference between the Author and the Presenter?

The author is the person(s) that writes the abstract and/or submits the abstract online. This person will receive the notice of abstract decision.

The presenter is the person who will attend USCA and present the abstract topic. There can be more than one presenter and author. If accepted for presentation, you will have an opportunity to submit names of additional presenters if you do not have enough slots on the online form.

Are there resources that can teach me how to write an abstract?

Absolutely. Please visit the resources link found on this site.